Import and distribution of manufactured products

  • Mapping of potential markets
  • Market Research selected
  • Selecting the most appropriate products
  • Visit potential suppliers
  • Contact with potential suppliers through local agents
  • Check the quality of the material to be imported
  • Logistics: best way to order transport transit time and cost
  • Structure of receipt in Brazil: Customs Brokerage / Warehousing / Inland transport to final destination
  • Distribution: Warehousing / Business Structure / Representatives / Own Shops
  • Imported products exclusively: Interflon and Zum

Projects and Installation of Lubrication Systems for industrial equipment

  • Team of engineers
  • Field reviews of each situation
  • Presentation of projects
  • Planning of assembly and installation
  • Implementation of the assembly and installation of systems
  • Delivery of the systems in operation
  • Continuous Service
  • Creation of company to manage projects and systems:

Licensing of exclusive brands nationally and globally

  • Assessment of market opportunities for unique products
  • Market research of the products evaluated
  • Design products
  • Recruitment of suitable suppliers
  • Recruitment of suitable product distributors
  • Analysis of the License Agreement
  • Licensed Brands: IAS Ayrton Senna Institute, Society Sports Palmeiras, Fluminense Football Club, Sport Club Corinthians Paulista
  • Creating a company specializing in brand licensing: IKASE

Innovative solutions to promotional marketing

  • Evaluation of the company and it’s market.
  • Analyze the client's profile to be reached.
  • Immersion on options and what are the best ways to reach these clients
  • Developing a innovative solution in promotional marketing.
  • Validation of the proposal with the customer
  • Contact suppliers for project execution
  • Delivery of the product.